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FSA Publishes Feedback Statement FS12/1 on Recovery and Resolution Plans


On 10 May 2012, the FSA published Feedback Statement FS12/1 on Recovery and Resolution Plans.  The main purpose of FS12/1 is to provide an update to the market on the current state of the RRP process.

Proposed Date of Final RRP Rules

A Policy Statement with final RRP rules will be published by the FSA no later than autumn 2012.  The final rules are expected to be based on the contents of FS12/1, so firms should pay particular attention to the “RRP Information Pack” which supplements FS12/1 and sets out detailed informational requirements on RRP.  Publication has been delayed so as to allow the final rules to be aligned with other regulatory initiatives, including the:

  • EU Recovery and Resolution Directive;
  • EU Commission Technical Discussion Paper on ‘bail-in’;
  • FSB’s final rules on the Key Attributes of Effective Resolution Regimes; and
  • legislation that will follow the ICB white paper and consultation paper to be published during the summer of 2012.

In the meantime, the FSA will also consult as to whether the final RRP rules should apply to a wider set of firms – specifically UK branches of non-EEA firms.

Proposed changes to RRP Rules

The FSA makes reference to a number of changes between the requirements of the “RRP Information Pack” which supplements FS12/1 and the “RRP Guidance Pack for Firms” which constituted part of CP11/16, including: 

  • the merger of recovery plans and Contingency Funding Plans so as to reduce unnecessary duplication;
  • the provision of additional information by firms to the FSA on issued debt so as to assist in the development of ‘bail-in’ strategies;
  • revisions to the ‘Interbank Exposures’ and ‘Derivatives and Securities Financing’ templates which form part of the data collection requirements of the RRP rules;
  • additional information concerning the triggers for resolution and the actions that are required when resolution triggers are met; and
  • the identification of new economic functions for the purposes of RRP Modules 4 and 5.

Deadline for Submission of RRPs

The deadlines for submission of RRPs are as follows:

Type of Firm

Informational Requirement


UK headquartered G-SIFIs that have been part of the FSA’s pilot exercise

Module 1-6

30 June 2012

Non-UK headquartered G-SIFIs

Module 1-4

30 June 2012

Non-UK headquartered G-SIFIs

Module 5-6

End of 2012

Small and medium sized firms

No uniform requirement

Supervisors will discuss deadlines with individual firms

Firms which have not yet been contacted with respect to their particular RRP submission deadline date should expect to hear from the FSA during the second half of 2012.  The FSA will normally aim to give three months’ notice of the requirement to submit an RRP.

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