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Our Proposition

Our DocHubTM teams – based in London and Newcastle – are set up with a clear purpose: to manage our clients’ contracts faster and at a lower cost than they can do it themselves.

At DRS we understand the challenges faced by our clients in having to manage a complex array of contracts with finite resources against demanding deadlines.  We take that problem off our clients’ hands, allowing their teams to focus on other priorities.

To demonstrate the value our team provides, we can give detailed and transparent cost comparison data to illustrate how our service compares against other models and approaches, in terms of both cost and outcomes.

Key Benefits

The key benefits enjoyed by our clients when they engage the DocHub™ are:

Cost Effectiveness

DocHubTM services are designed to deliver the optimal balance between cost control and quality of delivery, delivering material savings (whether on a fixed price or “time & materials” basis) often in excess of 40% when compared to internal or interim resourcing.


Our clients have access to our full range of capabilities so that we can adapt to changing requirements. Our service can be engaged on a continuous or ad hoc basis to manage sporadic document flow or spikes in demand.


We aren’t prescriptive – we have the capability to tailor our processes and deliverables to your requirements so that we slot seamlessly into your preferred way of working.


Our knowledge and process management capability allow us to outperform other solutions.

What Our Clients Say

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