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The DNA of an NDA

The commercial NDA is the means by which one or both parties contract with each other to keep valuable information confidential. Information is typically valuable insofar as it provides an “edge”; whatever that edge is, it will be rapidly blunted by the widespread dissemination of the information.

Although NDAs are not standardised across the markets (at least not yet- see the OneNDA initiative below), every NDA shares a number of common features and formulations. NDA expertise is eminently achievable and is a vital legal skill. The NDA, in its various guises, is the single document type which will always be crossing a lawyer’s desk.

The best way to negotiate an NDA

We would be remiss not to point out that there is an excellent alternative to negotiating high volumes of NDAs in house. Since its inception over a decade ago, DRS has always had a team of experts whose only job is to turn around NDAs very rapidly and at a highly competitive cost. We would be extremely happy to talk with you if you would like to consider our dedicated, market-leading outsourced NDA solution.

That said, we are pleased to present “The DNA of the NDA”. Founded on thousands of hours in the NDA trenches, we believe this to the most comprehensive and current guide to the negotiation of this short but vital document

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