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G-SIB 2015 the scores are in

The FSB has published the 2015 annual update of its G-SIB list. The list contains 30 banks identified as G-SIBs, by the FSB and BCBS using year-end 2015 data. BBVA has been removed from the list entirely, RBS has been moved down into the 1% higher loss-absorbency bucket and China Construction Bank has been added. In a related press release the FSB reiterates that a bank’s assignment to a particular bucket will determine their applicable higher loss absorbency requirement from January 2017 and that G-SIBs will also be subject to the total loss-capacity (TLAC) standard, final publication of which is expected 9 November 2015. The BCBS has also published clarification on the calculations used to make the determination, including the denominators, the cut-off scores, the bucket thresholds and links to the public disclosures of all banks in the 2015 assessment.


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