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BRRD- the other shoe drops

The BRRD includes broad contractual stay powers enabling EEA Regulators to temporarily:  suspend payment/delivery obligations, restrict the enforcement of security interests and suspend termination rights. Affected financial contracts comprise the majority of English law derivatives, repo and securities lending contracts as well as relevant master agreements. On 22 April 2021 the Commission adopted a delegated […]

Brexit UK JMP Stay Protocol published

As expected, ISDA has yesterday opened the 2020 UK (PRA Rule) Jurisdictional Module Protocol (UK Module) for adherence. The new UK Module joins its stablemates as part of the ISDA Resolution Jurisdictional Modular Protocol, replacing the previous 3 May 2016 UK (PRA Rule) Module with a shiny, new Brexit-ed version. At the expiry of the […]

UK EMIR- tomAto tomAHto

This year’s “transition” period has inevitably devolved into a slow game of “Chicken”- it’s yet to be seen whether it will result in a complete car crash. Whatever the extension/shadow deal/no deal final outcome; the City and financial services have been excluded from consideration. Absent any imminent prospect of equivalence decisions; ISDA has yesterday published […]

BRRD 2 Brexited

It’s still early (if seemingly interminable) days, but Brexit bonuses seem to be thin on the ground. At least for UK banks, the disavowal of BRRD 2 may be of some comfort.  A recent article (paywalled) in Risk Magazine highlights upcoming UK-EU divergence around BRRD 2. The BRRD sequel comes into force on 28 December […]

The Volcker strip – making banking less regulated again

US regulators have disclosed the much awaited revision of the Volcker Rule that had been taken on by the Trump administration. Wall Street has undoubtedly received a huge win, but who is likely to bear the losses? The Volcker Rule was implemented after the financial crash to stop banks from engaging in proprietary trading (buying […]

BRRD 2 “improvements”

Risk magazine reports that the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU[1] has suggested a reduction in the proposed “BRRD 2” pre-resolution stay period to two days, along with a recommendation that derivatives be included within the power’s scope. The Commission’s November 2017 proposal called for a pre-resolution power of moratorium, enabling national authorities to […]

Prudential Regulators to exempt QFC amends from Margin Rules

On 5 February the five US Prudential Regulators jointly issued a proposal to ensure that certain mandatory amendments to legacy contracts would not trigger their inclusion under the margin regime. The vast majority of jurisdictions contain anti-evasion measures in their margin rules, to the effect that material amendments to pre-margin, legacy trades will act to […]

Multi-tool for bail-in amendments now available

On 1 August 2016, the Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME) published a full set of model clauses for the contractual recognition of bail-in under article 55 BRRD. The 55-page package follows the September 2015 release, which was then limited to one jurisdiction. The expanded package now includes: Generic version of model clauses for […]

BRRD Level II OJ’d

The Delegated Regulation (DR) supplementing the BRRD was published in the OJ on the 8 July 2016, having passed consideration by the Council and the Parliament, triggering its entry into force on 28 July 2016. The draft RTS was submitted to the EC by the EBA in December 2015, then adopted by the Commission under its […]

German JMP joins the party

ISDA has today published the German Jurisdictional Module to the ISDA Resolution Stay Jurisdictional Modular Protocol (the ISDA JMP). The ISDA JMP provides a framework to facilitate jurisdiction-specific compliance with contractual stay regulations for contracts governed by third-country laws; its structure and mechanism is reviewed in detail in this blog post. The German Jurisdictional Module […]

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